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We are a builder of prefabricated houses, and we have contracts with several governments and gold mines, where we exchange houses for gold, we have a stock with large quantities of gold stored in various places around the world!

  We are looking for new buyers, our gold is sold in 24K bars, for the price of 12/9 LBMA, with the procedure of the buyer to pay the export taxes and documents of the certificate of origin of gold via proforma invoice, and the remaining After leaving the final report of the refinery!

  If you are interested in buying our gold, we currently have more than 25Mt for sale.

  My Contacts:


Wsapp: + 55-21-96944-7766


These are the sales procedures we accept to begin the negotiations!

Forms of sale:

Number 1 :


The importer first sends the value of the transaction, after which, the exporter arranges the export of the merchandise and the sending of the respective documentation. From the exchange point of view, the exporter must obligatorily provide the exchange contract, before embarkation, with a bank, for which it will receive reals in exchange for the foreign currency, whose conversion is defined by the exchange rate prevailing on the day. This mode of payment is not very frequent, since it places the importer in the dependence of the exporter.

Note the procedure common to this mode of payment.

Number 2:

Shipping without Withdrawal

The importer receives the shipping documents directly from the exporter without the withdrawal; Promotes the clearance of the merchandise at the customs and, subsequently, arranges for the shipment of the respective amount directly to the exporter.

This type of payment is a high risk for the exporter, since, in the event of default, there is no security that guarantees the possibility of protest and initiation of legal action. However, when there is trust between the buyer and the seller, it has some advantages, among which:

Agility in the processing of documents;

The exemption or reduction of bank charges.

Note the procedure common to this mode of payment.

Number 3:

Documentary Collection

Unlike the two previous modalities, the documentary collection is characterized by the handling of documents by the banks.

The banks involved in this type of transaction are mere international collectors of an export transaction, whose transaction was closed directly between the exporter and the importer, and they are not responsible for the result of the documentary collection.

The exporter ships the goods and sends the shipping documents to a bank, which sends them to another bank, in the place of the importer, to be presented for payment (collection in cash) or accepted and later payment (time collection).

In order for the importer to clear the goods at the customs, he must have the documents presented for collection in hand. Therefore, after removing the documents from the bank, paying cash or accepting (signs, agreeing) the exchange for later payment, the importer will be able to release the merchandise.

Some documents used in this type of operation were reproduced below. To view them, just a simple click of your mouse in the links below.

Commercial invoice

Bill of lading


Insurance policy

Note the procedure common to this mode of payment.

Number 4:

Letter of credit

The letter of credit, also known as documentary credit, is the most popular form of payment in international trade, since it offers greater guarantees, both for the exporter and for the importer.

It is an instrument issued by a bank (the issuing bank), at the request of a customer (the borrower). In accordance with its instructions, the bank undertakes to make a payment to a third party (the beneficiary), against delivery of stipulated documents, provided that the terms and conditions of the credit are fulfilled.

By terms and conditions of the credit, the transaction is understood to be in accordance with the agreement, especially as regards the following items: credit value, beneficiary and address, term of validity for shipment of merchandise, validity period for negotiation Shipment and destination, merchandise breakdown, quantities, packaging, permission or not for partial shipments and for transhipment, bill of lading, invoices, certificates, etc.

The letter of credit is a conditional payment order, that is, the exporter will only be entitled to the receipt if he meets all the requirements agreed by him.

Note the procedure common to this mode of payment.

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