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Offer to buy BRAZIL LTNs



Traders use Brazil LTNs as collaterals in Private Placement Programs. The LTN may be:

  1. a) Repactuated, under control of Bacen and blocked by Bacen in favor of the Trader’s

custodial bank (less used now as Bacen is unreliable).

  1. b) Deposited on a bank (securities account) outside Brazil, or deposited in a bank

outside Brazil (in a vault) with the bank issuing a SKR.

  1. c) Loaded on EC, then blocked on EC.

Currently, there are in the world only 3 Platforms able to trade large quantities of LTNs,

backed by International Financial Institutions.

These Platforms have working arrangements with top banks and don’t need Swift MT542

from Brazil. The bonds are deposited in these prime banks only, with an SKR issued under

Owner’s name.


Trader takes groups of 10 LTN H and takes one LTN Z only, as minimum quantities.

Regarding other series, groups of a minimum of 5 units are expected, to be confirmed by

Trader upon request.

Trader will indicate in which bank the Investor needs to deposit the LTN.

The associated costs are not at the Investor’s expense. There are no initial costs to go to

trade, such as Swift issuance costs or Euroclear loading costs, to be paid upfront by the

Owners (this is often a real barrier for the Owners).

Trader’s Program is a 40 week long Program only. Estimated earnings (Net to the Investor,

before facilitator’s commissions) are as follows:




(CR) Face



Face Value



Current PU


Current PU

$B (USD)

Net Earnings

Per Week


Net Earnings


(40W) $B

H 1.2 1.7 4 1.1 0,35 14.0

K 2.4 3.5 8 2.3 TBC TBC

M 5 7.2 16.7 4.8 TBC TBC

R 7 10.1 23.3 6.7 TBC TBC

Z 10 14.4 33.3 9.6 1,25 50,0

Trade earnings are paid weekly or monthly.

Commissions to facilitators are of 10% of the Investor’s earnings as above.

Advances: After the PPP agreement has been signed, the owner –upon his request-can

take an upfront cash payment, usually of 2% of the LOC level, withheld from the LOC.

Transaction procedures

  1. A) Owner submits full, fresh, KYC plus the full legal (paper) documentation of one LTN

(plus the list of the bonds numbers + copy of the 10 GRU certificates including

payment receipt), together with signed genealogy/FPA. KYC does not need to be


  1. B) GRU certificates and taxes payment certificates must have a residual validity of a

minimum of 3 months at the time the Owner’s KYC is submitted. The ATAF certificate

must also be valid.

  1. C) Following the Trader initial Due Diligence and Trader/Owner CC, the LTN will be

deposited in a top Bank to be indicated by the Trader [Necessarily outside Brazil]. A

bank SKR under the name of the Owner.

  1. D) Trader will have these LLTN loaded on Euroclear.
  2. E) The bank will block the instrument (the SKR) in favor of the Trader’s custodial bank.
  3. F) Upon blocking confirmation, Trader’s Bank raises the Line Of Credit (LOC).
  4. G) Trade starts the following week.
  5. H) At the end of the 40 week program, the bonds SKR is unblocked. The owner keeps

the ownership of these bonds or may extend the process of trading over the following


Email : vendojoias.alexrolex@gmail.com

Skype : comproouro

Cell : +55 21 982206562 Tim WSapp



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