setembro 27, 2014

WE Looking for USD-P

I have EUROP looking for USDP.  Discount rate 15/10.  However, USDP must get approval from the below:-


EUROP procedures under JV Agreement or Private Project Financing Agreement. Enclosed herewith the Agreements for your attention.


If you any queries, please let me know asap.

Under our Foreign Currency Laws & Regulations


Please be aware that the given PROCESS OR PROCEDURE is totally NON – NEGOTIABLE due to the Foreign Currency Laws & Regulations now prevailing in the country.

Hence, there are two agreements that have been prepared for the purpose in keeping with our Foreign Currency Laws & Regulations. Both of which are within the requirements locally and internationally. The first is referred to as a Joint Venture & Co operation Agreement (PRINCIPALS AGREEMENT), which is for the two Principals to agree on and sign.The second agreement is for those individual companies who are to receive the agreed 80 or 85% of the funds from Party “B” which is us. The said funds must be equally divided or as required and as stated within the Principals JV Agreement on page 07 by Party “A” <company name>.It is ONLY those who are truly able to comprehend the process or procedures of our agreement and are willing to understand it that will accept it. Therefore, it is absolutely compulsory that Party “A” <company name> takes it to their local Bank or to their respective financial authorities – or even to both and have it completely checked out to their satisfaction, before they can finally agree to accept. We have been so very successful in the past and as a matter of fact, we are engaged in one right now. If there is someone who wants to join hands with us, here is how and what they need to know.


  1. The all important is the Principal’s JV Agreement that needs to be completed by both Principals. Firstly, Party “A” <company name> must complete the document in full including the Banking details listed on page 7 indicating to which accounts they want the 85% in Euro to be remitted, plus they MUST have their company secretary or company Attorney’s Attestation completed, then print out in triplicate and both Party “A” <company name> and their company secretary or company Attorney wet sign and seal all three as originals. The same applies to the second agreement, which has to be completed by those individual companies selected for the purpose and is to whom Party “B”  will transfer the agreed 80 or 85% in Euro € equally divided or as required by Party “A” <company name> and stated within the Principals JV Agreement. Please note each of the respective companies MUST fully complete the agreement, print out in triplicate and wet sign and seal each of the agreements. Thereafter, together the hard copies sent to Party “B” via DHL or FEDEX. E.g. IF THERE ARE FIVE COMPANIES SELECTED for the purpose – who are to receive the funds sent by Party “B”, THERE SHOULD BE 15 COPIES plus 03 of the Principals agreement, making it a total of 15 + 03 = 18 hard copies. These 18 copies which MUST be sent to Party “B”  via Air Courier. On receipt, Party “B” will as required sign and seal each of the agreements before the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka as required by law in this country, who actually certifies our signatures and will register it legally. 


  1. Thereafter, one copy the Supreme Court will hold back, the second copy is handed over to our Bank and third given to us to be returned to the Project Principal Party “A” <Company Name>, who then must lodge with their Bank and must make sure that each of those individual companies receive their copies who MUST also lodge their agreements with their respective receiving Bank’s.


  1. Once the above has been completed, Principal Party “A” <company name> needs to instruct their Bank in writing to use one or both specimen SWIFT messages given under Option 1 and Option 2 provided on Page 5 of the JV agreement without any changes. It is absolutely COMPULSORY to obtain the required clearance from the receiving Bank, which is from the Project Principal Party “B’ Bank” before any funds are Transferred. This SECURES THE TRANSACTION FOR BOTH PRINCIPALS basically providing the much needed comfort level for both Principals, plus at the same time answers the question for Proof of Funds. Thereafter, Party “A” <company name> needs to request their Bank (the sending Bank) for a copy of the outgoing SWIFT message sent to Party “B” Bank and a scanned copy of same sent to us via email, without which we Principal Party “B” will not be able to instruct their Bank (The Receiving Bank) to proceed as requested.
  1. Thereafter, ONLY AFTER THE RECEIPT of Party “B”  Bank’s CONFIRMATION OF ACCEPTANCE that Party “A” <company name> should instruct their Bank to proceed with the transfer of the first installment AND AGAIN in writing inclusive of the given specimen SWIFT message provided on page 6 WITHOUT ANY CHANGES. What happens here is that (Principal Party “A’s” Bank) will be instructing our Bank the receiving Bank (Party “B” Bank) as to what needs to be done.
  1. The individual company agreements will also need to be lodged with the respective receiving Banks to whom we Party “B” will be remitting the agreed funds from each installment received. This needs to be done before Party “B” transfers the agreed installments to each of those respective accounts. When large volumes of funds are received UNINFORMED, Banks will always have a million questions, which is normal. This way, NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED, BUT IF IT HAS BEEN ARRANGED AHEAD OF TIME IT WILL NOT BE NECESSARY.
  1. I cannot lodge a currency exchange agreement with my Bank because of our Exchange Control Department’s Laws & Regulations on the movement of foreign currency. Inward and outward remittances are closely monitored. Hence, our JV Agreement is in accordance with the foreign currency Laws & Regulations of our country. It MUST be clearly understood that the Euros I will be sending out cannot go to one Bank due to international volume restrictions on the movement of funds and of course MEETING THE MOST VITAL INTERNATIONAL BANKING REQUIREMENT “PURPOSE OF FUNDS”.
  1. Please NOTE no Bank officer’s contact details cannot be provided. The reason being because people call them and ask them very embarrassing questions such as customer account details that they are totally forbidden to divulge. This is not allowed anywhere in the world and I am sure you are aware of it. Further, it is in total violation of the confidentiality rules and regulations of Banks anywhere in the world and one need to respect that.
  1. Finally, they must use the given specimen SWIFT TEXT messages provided within our JV Agreement without any changes and obtain the required Bank clearance from my Bank before they make the transfer of funds. It is ONLY after receiving the required clearance from the Project Principal Party “B”  Bank, the specimen SWIFT TEXT message provided on page 6 can and must be used word to word WITHOUT ANY CHANGES.


  1. Please note, Copies of all SWIFT messages must be requested from the sending Bank and a scanned copy of same sent to me via email, only then will I be able to instruct my Bank to proceed as requested. The same will be done by me as per the JV Agreement



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