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We will want to buy GOLD BULLION in massive quantities !
By - comproourorj

We will want to buy GOLD BULLION in massive quantities !

ImagemWe will want to buy GOLD BULLION in massive quantities

We received the following from our buyer with whom we have worked for many years and that is direct with a large gold buyer financially qualified


Ladies and Gentlemen :
RE : AU GOLD 12.5 kg ; 5000 and even much larger quantities ; HSBC w / R &A; 12 % crude; 9 % Profit ( or better ) ; Ledger to Ledger ( L2L ) or the Bank ( B2B )
For Gold Seller / Owner:
According to the above , following below is very simple necessary ” PROTOCOL ” RWA / buyers to buy large quantities of gold bars of 12.5 kg Au .
I’m straight to the RWA / Buyer , that also is affiliated with several gold buyers SOVEREIGN AU that are all ready , willing and ABLE ( RWA ) to proceed immediately .
No interest in AU GOLD ” originated ” from Thailand .
To allow the seller / owner ( s ) to immediately start directly with the RWA / Buyer , in addition to various affiliated Buyers GOLD SOVEREIGN AU;
1 . The actual seller / owner ( please , is not a ” signer ” or ” mandate” ) would be required to immediately ( unsanitized ) issue full corporate offer ( FCO ) on letterhead real seller / owner of the now dated, fully executed , signed, sealed and stamped ; Address the RWA or “To the Gold Buyer ” offer or ” International Business and assigns ” and send it to vendojoias.alexrolex @
. 2 The actual seller / owner would need to reflect fully executed within the corporate OFFER Full Seller / Owner ( FCO ) its commitment to fully comply with ” SWISS procedure ” to allow this and all other very large quantities for purchase;
. 3 The Real Seller / Owner would need to deliver a list of serial numbers that appear in all the gold bars of 12.5 kg Au ; 5,000 tons for much larger quantities at HSBC location .
Again , RWA / Buyer , in addition to several sovereign buyers are all ready , willing and ABLE ( RWA ) to proceed according to the protocol described above ( pre – conditions ) and are prepared to buy more than the initial 5,000 Metric Tons for much larger quantities actually huge amounts well beyond the typical large quantities with Rolls & Extensions ( R & E) .
FURTHERMORE , IF your dealer / owners , respectively, are truly serious about how to proceed with the purchase and sale of massive amounts of AU Gold Bullion : Please have your dealer / owners follow-through with the protocol described above , WITHOUT ANY GAPS .
Please do not send documents ‘ sanitized ‘ or Broker – draft documents , which would be not only time consuming to answer , but in fact these documents would be of no value in moving the process forward .
Please send only ” unsanitized OFFER Full Corporate s (please , is not a ” signer “or ” mandate ” ) ( FCO ) on the seller / owner the actual seller / owner real timbre of time dated, fully executed , signed sealed and stamped .
These draft documents will be delivered directly to RWA / Buyer , in addition to various affiliates Buyers GOLD SOVEREIGN AU , respectively.

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