outubro 25, 2013

Gold Bullion Offer to sale !



We at XXXXXXXX realize helping a customer’s success leads to our own.
Bullion prices can be extremely volatile and will rise and fall depending upon market conditions. Therefore,
Please consider that or price offer to you of:
Spot Gold Price Plus (+)
$x.xx Per Troy Ounce (Fabricated)
.9999 Fine-Gold
(24Karat) in the form of, “One Kilogram Bars” is a Rock Bottom Price.
This is why, we will work in close contact with you at the moment of Locking-In the actual spot price.
After returning all necessary forms to our office.
Determine the Quantity of “1 kilogram” bars ( 32.15 T.Oz.) which you require..
If you require 500 bars, that is;
“32.15” x 500
= 16,075  troy ounces ( Sixteen Thousand Seventy Five ) Please estimate the current and/or anticipated market price.
Plus the additional $x.xx per troy ounce (Fabrication) + shipping.
Send this amount via Bank Wire Transfer to:

Wells Fargo Bank
Account # 76589xxxxx
Wire Routing # 1210xxxxx
After Wells Fargo releases all funds to us, we will contact you via email or Telephone.
Our preferred window for Locking-In of gold price is between 11:00am and 3:00pm EST Monday-Friday
http://www.kitco.com/ this is the link we use to view Live Gold Bid/Ask prices
Once telephone contact has been established with the principal party we will have a conference call to establish,
the locked-in price. We will all verify that we are viewing live gold market trading data. ..
We will quote a Dollars and Cents price per ounce (not including Fabrication of $x.xx)
When the principal party is in agreement, the price will be established as LOCKED-IN.
After calculating the total funds available against the Locked-In gold price + fabrication and shipping, any
Funds Overage will be returned-promptly via wire transfer.
After locking in gold price, we estimate approx. 24 hours for gold preparation/release from repository, to be
transported to Los Angeles. This will take a maximum of three (3) additional Business-Days,
Please consider that CASTING-GRAIN is our most promptly delivered product.
We require up three (3) more business-days to fabricate your metal into Kilogram Bars.
We will deliver all metal according to your instructions.
Please forward us your instructions for delivery procedure of gold bars.
(Name of storage facility or transport company and account number etc…)
Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at any hour,
we are at your service.

Those interested in buying has to be buyer mandate or direct buyer not deal with middlemen.
Please send a letter of intent to purchase on letterhead with the buyer’s name and company NCNDA + IMPFA.
Contacts: vendojoias.alexrolex@gmail.com
Skype: comproouro
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