outubro 21, 2013

I have buyer for gold! If you have gold to sell, contact me!

We wish gold placed in USA ( Miami, LA, NY,or any city in the States)
0.      SCO will be sent by Seller Mandate or Seller
1.      LOI will be issued by Buyer
2.      Seller’s will issue the FCO, after that, Buyer sign the FCO
3-     Seller will issue the SPA and NCND/IMFPA
4-     Buyer & Seller will sign the SPA – SPA will be under the jurisdiction and laws of USA
5-     Before Buyer flies to XXXXX, seller will provide POP via a copy of the original gold certificates or SKR or something proving the Gold is real.
6-     Buyer will make the assay report in refinery in order to verify purity, fineness and  weight, Ownership of title for the gold will be deemed to be transferred to the Buyer at the same time as payment is made taking place at the Seller’s Bank.



Buyer will not do upfront payments or financial instrument payments
Buyer will have five (5) working days to complete the assay report
The Complete payment shall be made by the means of Bank to Bank transfer of 48-72 hours after the emission of the final assay report


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