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Gold Bullion Offer to sale !

  We at XXXXXXXX realize helping a customer’s success leads to our own. Bullion prices can be extremely volatile and will rise and fall depending upon market conditions. Therefore, Please consider that or price offer to you of: Spot Gold Price Plus (+) $x.xx Per Troy Ounce (Fabricated) .9999 Fine-Gold (24Karat) in the form of, […]

I have buyer for gold! If you have gold to sell, contact me!

We wish gold placed in USA ( Miami, LA, NY,or any city in the States)        PROCEDURE 0.      SCO will be sent by Seller Mandate or Seller 1.      LOI will be issued by Buyer 2.      Seller’s will issue the FCO, after that, Buyer sign the FCO3-     Seller will issue the SPA and NCND/IMFPA 4-     Buyer […]

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