setembro 9, 2013

End seller and end buyer for gold and rough diamonds !

End seller and end buyer for gold and rough diamonds !

The end seller and mines of gold and rough diamonds they want me to do sales, I ask you please contact me here for my facebook or add me on my skype: comproouro
The buyers also wish I perform purchases please contact the same way.
Both for end sellers, mines and end buyers, I only deal for those who give mandate to the seller or buyer in my name, because I only work with those who give me your permission, I am a professional in the field of buying and selling gold and diamonds and have a huge customer records cataloged, both for purchase and for sale around the world waiting for real offers, I give preference to sellers and mines that perform sales CIF, as have a huge number of buyers and refineries wanting to do lengthy contracts to supply large quantities for gold and rough diamonds.
I await the contacts of persons who are really serious.
Do not waste your time or my time if you are intermediate!
I wish good luck to everyone and great deals!

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