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Supply of rough diamonds for sale:

Total Carats    10,000/500 000 crt   100.00%
Price per Carat    $1 625
Total    $815 650 000
Commission    3.0%    $24 469 500
TOTAL    $840 119 500
Based on the reception of the documents and the intention LOI, the steps are:
( possible with Brinks)
1) Manage and accept representation in negotiating point by point the CONTRACT to my favor.
2) Filling out the relevant documentation to the negotiation for a DUE DILIGENCE by my lawyers in Panama.
3) Opening a trust with all the Seller’s considerations – Principal and Buyer.
4) The opening will be signed by MORGAN & MORGAN
5) The DUE DILIGENCE will be held by the law firm MORGAN & MORGAN
If you agree with the previous procedures, Please let us know, we can send you the appropriate documentation
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