junho 5, 2013

We have rough diamonds available for sale

We have rough diamonds available for sale

Pending on the trust relationship one can ease up the protocol

manifest will be shown upon concrete demand by the buyer-we will prepare the stones for him.

cif and fob delivery is possible



TO:End Buyer

We hereby confirm with full corporate responsibility under the penalty of perjury, that we are ready, willing and able to sell the offered quantity of rough diamonds, similar or better, under the following terms and conditions, subject to successful contractual execution:

SPECIFICATION:Rough, uncut, sawable, makeable diamonds
CARATS RANGE:+5 – +20 carats
PRICE:USD 1, 339 per ct
CONTRACT LENGTH:As agreed by the parties
DESTINATION PORT:As per buyer’s instructions
DELIVERY:The full cost is for the Seller’s account
TERMS OF DELIVERY:Seller shall deliver parcel after Buyer has agreed to final specifications.


Seller issues Generic SCO (SoftCorpoate Offer) with procedures.
Buyer agrees with the procedures stated in this SCO and issues Letter of Intent on Company Letterhead within 48 hours of receiving the SCO.
Seller accepts Buyer’s LOI within 24 hours of receipt thereof and provides a SPA for the Buyer in order to execute an agreement and for the Buyer to identitfy the Seller.
Upon execution of an SPA for execution by both parties,Buyer shall send MT199 (Proof of Funds) bank to bank.
Upon receipt of POF and more specifically within 96hours of receipt, Seller issues POP and Manifest (Seller issues SKR which will be sent to Buyer via bank-to-bank FIN999 message to indicate POP).
Within 72hours of receipt of the POP,Buyer issues SBLC/BG (MT760) to Seller’s bank per the verbiage in the annexure hereto, or Buyer issues blocked payment MT103/23 Seller’s bank OR Buyer opts for an Escrow account option. Seller’s Bank issues receiprical MT103 within 24 hours of receiving Buyer’s MT103/23 to cover Buyer’s cost of the SWIFT in the event of default by the Seller.
Seller ships diamonds via Brinks to Buyer’s destination within 5 days of receiving the SBLC/BG (MT760) or MT103/23
Viewing takes place in Buyer’s destination.
Payment is Cash Wire Transferred into Seller’s bank account within 24hours after Buyer’s gemologist issues the final inspection report.
Transaction concludes.
Repeat of steps 1-10 if so desired by both parties


Note that a SWIFT MT199/799/999 from Buyer’s bank to Seller’s bank is the only accepted method of proving Buyer’s capability to conclude the transaction.

The transaction is anticipated to take at approximately 15 days from commencement to delivery, if the parties adhere to the recommended timelines above.

A POF may be dispensed with if the Buyer issues the MT760 (BG/SBLC) or MT103/23in lieu thereof. This would also expedite the conclusion of the contract.

Under no circumstances can a transaction be concluded without adherence to the procedures stipulated above.

This SCO is valid for 48hrs, after which period it shall be null and void.

Signature & stamp of the responsible person/date
Printed name:

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