junho 5, 2013

we are selling the petrobrass bonds

we are selling the petrobrass bonds

please,read till the end

our high end consultancy is in the business of alternative investments since 2010 and is dealing with sophisticated financial solutions and out of the box offerings when other methods do not work.In this present economic crisis it is hard to get the credit lines…
We are dealing with alternative funding solutions-one of them is explained below.


we are selling the petrobrass bonds (attached).its historical collectible bonds OR it can be used as assets for the company or it can be used to get the credit line(see below).

each of the nominal value 500 000 dollars(official evaluation included.Evaluation is made by a certified lawyer).

price per bond-25 000 pounds.

bonds are in London.

we are direct sellers.

ttm shall be in London.

no genealogy as we are owners.

below is the sample of financial program on how to use this bond as collateral ,get the credit line ,put it into trade and make money that you can use further for your projects.It is a unique business opportunity.

Please,see below for details.

the principle of working with bonds-FOR EXAMPLE,ATTACHED PETROBRASS bond.

bonds are to be put on a safekeeping account to an insurance company(whose contract is available upon request).Against those bonds the insurance company gives Surety bond,same as Banking guarantee.

you have to find some bank that will give against this a credit line which will be easy for a bank to do having in place the insurance company guarantee.

In order for insurance company to be sure that this credit will be returned,you will have to put to trading a part of the money to a trading platform that this insurance company will designate,and will give you 35 per cent profit per year as a minimum.This money is also guaranteed by the insurance company.

That is to say-no risk for you or insurance company.

For example,if you buy 5 bonds,you can get the 1,8 m as guarantee and 1,2 m as credit line .Out of those 1 m is put into trade,200 000 can be used for your own needs immediately .Each month you will be receiving 8000 and in the end of the year-you will receive the whole sum plus profit from where you will return money to a bank.

This mechanism is well working,and believe me-its a golden info revealed here in order to help companies to boost their business as nothing like this exists in the whole world.

Thus,having invested a few thousands for a bond it is possible to make a very good profit.Obviously,the more you invest,the bigger credit line you can draw.

This insurance company belongs to president of Dominica and one of the New York gurus whose trading platform manages 40B.
Entry conditions:programm introduction fees of 15000 is applied and fully refundable upon entrance to this trading programm and first payment.
1 per cent commission from a loan applied as a renumeration to our company.10 per cent of the net profit applied as renumeration.

other investment programmes with 100 per cent ROI per year available upon request.

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